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Bharatheeyam Karunya Sparsham

Bharatheeyam Trust's Karunya Sparsham program received a grand inauguration by Bharatheeyam Chairman, the esteemed Shri Karamana Jayan on 29th February 2024. Trustee Dr. Raghuram, a stalwart in the medical field, graced the event as the presiding guest. The attendees were delighted as they witnessed the distribution of free dialysis cards, medical aid, and employment assistance under the Bharatheeyam initiative.

A moment of profound recognition adorned the ceremony as Sri Karamana Jayan, also serving as the central government representative in the Sri Padmanabha Swamy temple management committee, was bestowed with the prestigious Ponnada. The audience erupted in applause, acknowledging his remarkable contributions.

The event resonated with heartfelt speeches delivered by Trust General Secretary, Shri Biju Punnoose, alongside member Shri. Manchavilakom Karthikeyan and other members including Gopan Sasthamangalam, Thampanoor Sheriff, Gopakumar, Abhilash, and Sagar Krishna. Their words stirred inspiration and unity, setting a promising tone for the impactful endeavors ahead.

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