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Hello! My Dear Sisters & Brothers!

Life is a journey, A long and winding road. We all have our own ambitions, Things we want to achieve.

Some of us know what we want from the start, While others have to search for it. But no matter where we start, The journey is always worth it.

Along the way, we will face challenges, But we will also learn and grow. We will meet new people, And make memories that will last a lifetime.

And eventually, we will reach our destination, Or at least come close. But even if we don't reach our ultimate goal, We will still have accomplished something great.

Because we will have learned and grown, And we will have made the most of our journey.

So don't be afraid to set your ambitions high, And go out and chase them. Life is a journey, And it's meant to be enjoyed. So make the most of it, And never give up on your dreams.

Karamana Jayan

Ifthar Karunya

Sankama 2023

Christmas Karunya

Sankama 2022


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